Monday, June 8, 2009

Chocolate Chip Pizza

Oh how the eyes of a child light up when you say you are going to make a giant chocolate chip cookie!

First I started with a round pizza stone. A round pizza pan is ideal so that when the cookie spreads it will not run into anything. You can use any pizza pan you want. A disposable foil pizza pan would be perfect if you are giving the chocolate chip pizza away. Just leave it in the pan and then wrap it in cellophane.

For our pizza we wanted to slide it off the pizza pan when it was done so we traced the round stone onto the parchment paper, and then cut it out so it fit the pan perfectly.

I am a huge advocate of homemade chocolate chip cookie dough. It tastes better and looks better and has less"stuff" in it. And by stuff I mean all the little extras that make the shelf life longer. EW! However, I do not stand on such high moral ground that I would not confess to having used it on occassion. It is convenient when time is short. The one thing to keep in mind about store bought dough is that it spreads very easily. You will want a good spacer between the cookie dough and the edge of your pan, and absolutely use the parchment paper. 

Here I simply made a cookie dough disk, using my favorite recipe, in the middle of the pan and left plenty of room for spreading.  Then, made it is as close to a perfect circle as I could and made sure that the thickness of the dough was the same all over.

I cooked the dough at a low temperature of 300 degrees. Low and slow is the best when baking large chocolate chip cookies.  

I just had to take a little peak in the oven to make sure that is was cooking nicely. This was after it had been in for about 20 min.

Five more minutes at 25 minutes in the oven the edges and the very top peaks of the cookie were golden brown and it was time to come out.  I left it on the stone for another 5-10 minutes before sliding it off onto a cooling rack. This bad boy measures 10 1/2" wide.

I could have had a larger cookie, but I only used 2/3 of my dough. I needed some dough for another project of mine.

I wanted to really pretty up this cookie with some icing and toppings and make it look like a real pizza. But as with real pizza in our house, this chocolate chip pizza was eaten simply without toppings. I could not keep the kids at bay any longer and when even my husband asked when we were going to cut and eat, I knew I was out numbered.